NOS Caloric Caddie kitchen wrap dispenser — color designed by Beatrice West

caloric kitchen wrap dispenser

vintage caloric appliances
A reader purchased these and installed them in his kitchen. I need to go find the email and follow up.

Remember all the New Old Stock vintage Beatrice West color-designed Caloric appliances – in scrumptious pink that we spotted and featured in 2011? Well, that set looked “complete,” but, no it wasn’t — because here is a recessed kitchen wrap dispenser to go with. Yum. And like the full appliance set — which a reader found ON THE CURB waiting for the trash — this vintage Caloric Caddie kitchen wrap dispenser is NOS in its original packaging.

caloric caddie

Update: I found this reference — dating the introduction of this piece to 1963. The Caloric Caddie was given to homeowners free, as a premium with the purchase of any Caloric gas range.

The ebay listing says:

This is a vintage Caloric Caddie kitchen wrap dispenser made by Caloric Corporation, Topton, PA.USA

Model C-1
Light Pink color- second picture is the closest to the true color
Comes in original box- and was never used or mounted.
Cardboard still inserted in place on inside
Has installation instructions, how to use instructions
and the original hardware that came with it
The box is a little torn and after product is placed in the box I will have to tape it closed
Holds three rolls.
Dispense by using control knobs on front panel
Front panel is on hinges and opens to replace rolls
Each roller unit, with its control knob and easy to tear-off edge,
can be lifted out of the Caddie and used elsewhere.
External mounting ( on the wall) or
Recessed mounting ( into the wall)
It measures about 15″ wide X 10″ high X 3 1/2″ deep
Heavy duty construction- very sturdy
A fine example of how things used to be made
Awesome unit, you don’t see this kind very often
Would be a nice addition to your vintage kitchen
or trailer

Update: Sold quickly after I posted this story — for $225, Buy It Now.

vintage caloric


caloriccaloric kitchen wrap dispenservintage-caloric-dispensercaloric caddie

Over on Facebook, reader Peter commented that there are other Caloric Caddies to watch for:

I grew up in a house with all Caloric appliances. It had a Caloric Caddie in the wall that dispensed Kleenex and a roll of paper towels. It was great!! I was fortunate to get one when one of the neighbors was remodeling their kitchen. Caloric also made a Caddie that housed a phone and had a pull down ledge with a pad of paper in it.

Yum. I love wonderful oddities that are recessed. I need to watch for these other Caloric Caddies.

  1. Mary Elizabeth says:

    Yes, I saw it in brown in someone’s house in the 1960s. I assume it was made in other colors to go with the original Caloric appliances. If I could find it in avocado green, I’d make a place for it in my kitchen!

  2. Janice says:

    I have this exact dispenser but mine is all chrome with black accents. I use it for wax paper, but after a lot searching, I’ve discovered the aluminum foil and plastic wrap rolls of today don’t fit these dispensers anymore. I still love it and have it in my kitchen. Mine was a garage sale find that I friend bought for me knowing I loved all things mid-century. She knows me very well!

  3. veg-o-matic says:

    I have the same Caloric Caddie that Peter had: Kleenex and paper towels. I got mine from Ebay, NIB. It even had the original roll of Scot Towels in it!
    I only installed it because I thought it looked cool, but it has turned out to be really handy!

  4. tikitacky says:

    Color me sad for selling my three Kleenex wall dispensers. Pink, aqua, and chrome. I found them all, together, at a Goodwill in the early 90s. I kept the pink one for sooooo many years, but was just carting it from one rental to another for like 16 years waiting to own my own home. Apparently I got tired of waiting. Like a fool. Now I have a 50s home with two pink bathrooms and no wall dispensers. 🙁

  5. Wowatta color! It would definitely match the pink fridge and stove I’m crushing on, but the DH is not as enamored with pink appliances as i am. I too, carted my chrome wrap dispenser from Goodwill from rental to rental!. it sits on top of my stove. It’s got lettered compartments for foil, wax paper and paper towels. Has anyone noticed that today’s products don’t fit into the chrome dispensers? Not that anyone here would really care, LOL. I use mine for storing extra spices.

  6. Joe says:

    I’m assuming that I have a knack for anticipating collecting trends, because I spotted one of these NIB on Ebay last Fall. I ended up being the only bidder and got it for $12.00! I couldn’t be more happy with it, because it is Coppertone and matches my 1965 Hardwick Debutante hi-lo oven gas range. The Hardwick was purchased new by my late mom who actually had her heart set on buying a Caloric (it was considered THE last word in stoves); she ended up buying the Hardwick because, as she frequently stated “the Hardwick was built to really work hard – the Caloric was all style and no substance”. I plan to recess the Caddie into the wall when I complete the final stage of my kitchen facelift, which will end up looking like something from the late-60’s thru early-70’s. From reading the Caddie’s box, it is just amazing the color availability we once had for things; you had your choice of Coppertone, Pink, Turquoise, Yellow, Charcoal, White and Brushed Chrome!

  7. Judy Hackier says:

    I found a chrome dispenser at a neighbor’s yard sale. His mother gave it to him, He really liked it, but his wife said, “Not in my kitchen!” I bought it for $2.00!! To make the rolls fit, I cut slits on the ends, fan them out, and use them daily. I put plastic wrap in the “Paper” slot., I have a rule for myself. If I buy it, I use it! I have wonderful cooking utensils hanging around, which I use daily.

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