retro-toilet seatEbay seller Devona is a regular reader of Retro Renovation — so when she uncovered some NOS flower power toilet seats in a local hardware store known for its buried vintage treasures, she wanted to alert other readers to her fantastic flowery finds. These seats might be the crowning touch to your mid mod mad throne — because it isn’t every day that you find a harvest gold, flower or butterfly printed toilet seat like these beauties.

retro-toilet seatDevona writes:


I know you love NOS, and wanted to share my find.

I picked them up at a hardware store that is notorious for being a huge old mess!!  I found these there and actually got permission from the owner to come back and pick around in the back room for some other discontinued stuff.  Rumor has it, there may be a large box of Flair Squares somewhere in the nether regions of this hardware store!

Thanks for your blog!  I just love it!

retro-toilet seatFrom the listings:

Oh My!! Check this toilet seat out! Retro Chic!!!! This was used many years ago as a display in a hardware store, then put away, never to be used. The Seat comes with it’s box, but not bolts. The bolts are easily purchased at any hardware store. Very hard to see the scratches…doesn’t affect the cool factor of this seat!

retro-toilet seatIt is pretty fantastic that both the flower power and butterfly toilet seat have designs on the top and inside of the lid — perhaps to make them more attractive even if a certain husband leaves the seat up.

Mega thanks to Ebay seller Devona for sharing her photos, and tipping us off to these fantastic mid mod toilet seats. You can bid on them here: [auctions ended]

And, you know Pam always has her eye on what’s fabulous on ebay. [auction ended]

  1. Grandma Robin says:

    I found a vintage toilet seat on ebay that is clear and has dolphins and shells in it. It’s in my 1959 camper and I’m always so proud to show people my toilet seat! Funny thing is that I already had turquoise acrylic dolphins on the wall.

  2. Joe Felice says:

    You know, seats like those could be made easily with appliques. Flair Squares?? OMG–there’s a blast from the past. And what about those little mirror scenes that were created with 4 or 6 mirror squares, and cost about $25.00. They were readily available at Kmart, and I wish I could get them today, as I have several places i would consider using them. Two places where I used them back in the day were on an accent wall in the dining room, and at the end of a hallway. And no, I’m not talking about gold-veined mirror squares. Not even! When I bought a ’52 rancher in ’76, it had one entire wall covered with those. Yuk! The other three walls were–you guessed it–walnut paneling. It was then that I discovered Scott’s Liquid Gold, another blast from the past. And what about the Jet-X? I actually had one up until about-two years ago. And I’m still waiting for someone else to remember the Ronson Can-Do.

  3. Caryn says:

    Oh I LOVE this!!! I would so get the flower one if it were only avocado green instead… bummer! The 1970 avocado bathroom in our house came with a lovely sparkly toilet seat but it was completely worn out (not to mention totally disgusting and impossible to clean) so had to ditch it 🙁 For now I put a new wooden one on there, couldn’t bring myself to buy a white one! Keep hoping I’ll luck up on a NOS one at ReStore or thrifting sometime… so this gives me hope that if I’m lucky I’ll find a green flower power one sooner or later!!

  4. June Cahill says:

    LUV this! I’ve got a pink ’63 bathroom with all original fixtures that are in wonderful shape – except the overused and abused potty seat! This would look so nice on my little pink potty!:) Thanks for posting!:)

  5. Lynne says:

    When I was a kid, a neighborhood friend’s house had a clear toilet seat with glitter and coins floating around in it!

  6. Robin, NV says:

    When did bathroom decor stop being fun anyway? I’m thinking it was probably the 80s when all the color and whimsy went away.

    My uncle’s house, which was built in the 1920s, had a toilet seat with a federal eagle stenciled on it.

  7. Kelly Wittenauer says:

    If someone needs the perfect 70s retro palace to match these – I know where there’s a lake house for sale in northern KY with 3 Harvest Gold bathrooms and an abundance of orange decor. And, um, what are Flair Squares – guess I don’t remember those?

    1. Joe says:

      About those Flair Squares……………….they were basically self-adhesive Contact paper in a convenient 12″x12″ size. You just peeled off the backing and stuck it on any clean, smooth surface. You didn’t need to be an expert at installation; heck, all you needed were a pair of scissors to trim the squares to fit the difficult areas. It was a boon for people who wanted to try to wallpaper by themselves, without the aggravation, mess and intimidation of battling huge strips of wallpaper. The fad didn’t last very long, as these “Squares” were a bear to remove and usually damaged the underlying surface when torn away (if you could get them to come off!)

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