Plus: Wallpaper murals spotted in 10 time capsule houses

This “Memory Lane” wallpaper mural from Thibaut has been on the market since at least the 1960s. It was on the wall behind President Lyndon B. Johnson when he addressed the nation on TV for two hours from his Texas ranch house. It is one of four vintage designs still available from Thibaut today.

Trisha writes:

Do you remember the ranches with the dining rooms what had the ‘scenes’ of either deer, lapping water from a pond, or Conquistador ships docked at a harbor, or a hand painted scene of a plantation home, etc…? I know this was wallpaper, but I don’t know what the correct term for it is, so I can do a search. Any advice you can share about what to call this as well as whether they make reproduction versions of this scenic mural wallpaper would be appreciated!

thibaut-murals1Tricia, you’ve written to the right place. As we all know, Pam is a vintage wallpaper fanatic, and she knew exactly what to advise. Pam replied:

Hi Tina, It’s great to hear from you — congrats on the house. I am a wallpaper mural lover, too, and have done several stories. Use the Search box to call the stories up. We have numerous shown in time capsule houses, some from ebay, and Thibault still makes four cool-onial designs that have been in production for decades. (Two of the Thibault patterns still available are shown above.)

Meanwhile, New Old Stock vintage photo murals that were popular beginning in the 1970s (?) seem pretty abundant. To find them, search “Environmental Graphics wallpaper murals” on ebay (*affiliate link). You can also search etsy, and keep your eagle eyes open and you might find one in the basement of an estate sale.

Good luck, send pics!

10 vintage wallpaper murals spotted in time capsule houses

Every once in a wee while, NOS cool-onial print designs also show up on ebay and etsy. Following is a sampling of designs that were made in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s (we estimate) and which we have spotted in their natural habitats and captured in our archives.

Photo courtesy of photographer and realtor Karla Spiegelberg.

1. Above: This huge maritime wall mural was spotted in a 1960 time capsule house for sale in Laramie, Wyoming.

wall-mural2. Above: Here’s another maritime themed retro wall mural on display in a charming 1956 time capsule home in Pennsylvania.

Photo courtesy of photographer David Ward of the The Creative Ward and realtor Eric Glassoff.

3. Above: An Asian inspired wallpaper mural in this 1956 split level house filled with chinoiserie decor.

wall mural
Photo courtesy of photographer Demetri Papoulidis from Demetri Productions, LLC and realtor Diane Capodilupo.

4. Above: A monotone green nature-inspired wallpaper mural in a 1960s “Storybook Ranch” time capsule in Pittsfield, Mass.

Photo courtesy of photographer Annie M. and realtor Donna Fleetwood.

5. Above: A mural of an arial view of the city of Harrisburg, PA hangs over the fireplace in this 1960 time capsule house in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.

retro-wall-mural6. Above: A tropical wallpaper mural is hiding behind the headboard in this 1978 time capsule home in Shoemakersville, PA.

Photo courtesy of reader David.

7. Above: A modern version of a wallpaper mural — a photo mural of a tropical hideaway — hangs in reader David’s Austrialian bungalow, which he filled with 18 different patterns of wallpaper. This one is likely and Environmental Graphics design.

Photo courtesy of reader MidModMeg.

8. Above: And if you prefer your vintage wall murals in the bathroom — check out this vintage pink bathroom tile mural.

retro wall-muralretro wall-mural9 & 10.  Above: And while we’re at it, let’s take a look at two more photo murals spotted in time capsule homes sent to us by out realtor friend Jeffrey Hogue — mega thanks Jeffrey!

So there you have it Tricia, one source for new wallpaper murals, ideas for how to find vintage murals and a whole lotta eye candy. Good luck in your search and may the Retro Decorating Gods be with you.

  1. Nina462 says:

    I’ve seen several mural wallpapers scenes when estate saleing here in SW Mich. While I cannot put one in my dining room (just wouldn’t go)…I’d love to have one in my knotty pine rec room. Heck, I can just hear is now ….From the Land of Sky Blue Waters, Hamms! It go great with my beer signs 🙂

  2. BungalowBILL says:

    In the very early 80’s I bought one of those photographic forest scene murals for our break room at the world of Darkness at the Bronx Zoo. It was a building with absolutely no windows or skylights and needed “something.” I’d like to find a cherry blossom mural like the one over Lucy and Ricky Ricardo’s beds some day.

  3. Nico says: has some beautiful wallpaper murals as well. If my walls weren’t textured I would have loved to use the forest one they have. 🙂

  4. Ben says:

    I have a NOS version of Memory Lane that I’ll be putting up in my living room. It’s setting the tone for all the decor in the apartment.

  5. Judy says:

    I am looking for a wallpaper mural of a Southern Plantation that was in my mother’s dining room in the 70’s. It was sold by Dwoskin Wallpaper and was standard in Richard Feldman and Sunrise Building Corporation. I’ll try to attach the photo. Do you have suggestions – other than contacting Dwoskin, which I have – on how to find it? Thanks – Judy

  6. Brian says:

    Do people buy the wallpaper murals if they are in good shape after taking them down? I have a house built in the 40’s, but I don’t know how old the mural is. I purchased the home in 1998. My wife hates it, I like the nostalgia of it. I would love for someone else to get so they can enjoy it .

    1. pam kueber says:

      yes, there might be a market depending on the design — I’d recommend ebay as a place to sell it. Good luck getting it down intact, though!

  7. Karen says:

    My parents house has two murals, both country nature scenes from this same collection. One in basement and one on wall where front door opens to a bi-level. They are wanting to replace the main mural with one in better condition. Some scruff marks on the bottom. Is there any where to still buy these?

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