Vintage NOS American Standard chrome shower head woddity

vintage american standard shower headHere’s a woddity we haven’t seen before — this NOS vintage American Standard chrome shower head (affiliate link) listed for sale on ebay via our favorite wacky warehouse of goodies nomoredrama4me. Check out that unique shape! It looks like it might have been designed to sit flush with the wall tiles for a ‘minimalist’ look. Wowza! 

vintage american standard shower head

From the listing:

From my family’s hardware store warehouse.
Measures 7 1/4 X 5 1/2 inches. This has a depth of 5 1/2 inches.
Very heavy piece!
This is new old stock but has been stored with other items and it has scratches and some pitting.

vintage american standard shower head vintage american standard shower head vintage american standard shower head vintage american standard shower head

And… Who’s that behind those Foster Grants? Could be you!

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  1. ineffablespace says:

    These are for facilities like schools and public locker rooms. They are “tamper resistant” so they are not easily vandalised.

    It also look like it may be “anti-ligature” which is utilized in prisons and institutional settings: designed so people can’t hang themselves from it.

      1. la573 says:

        Yes, that was my first thought too. A prison showerhead! The greater fear isn’t that someone will hang themself on it, but rather that someone will unscrew the showerhead (easy with a normal one) and use it as a weapon – it’s heavy and sharp-edged and will hurt if thrown at you. New ones usually don’t have exposed screw heads though. A quick Google search turns up these showerheads designed for prison use, and they don’t look too different from that AS oldie:



        But I know of at least one current flush-with-tile showerhead that’s marketed to residences, and it fits in place of a common 4″x4″ tile and mounts flush with them. It’s made by Kohler and called the WaterTile:


        Here it is in use:


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