• Stunning 1955 midcentury modern house in Fort Worth — built by the Brandt family


    Retro realtor Ed Murchison just forced us out of our vacation week with this fastball in the form of this 1955 Fort Worth, Texas midcentury modern ranch house stunner listed for sale just hours ago. Right away it’s clear that this house is another home run. It is packed with gorgeous original features including amazing sculptural […]

    Two sexy, red, round, sunken 1970s bath tubs — double your pleasure, double your fun in Indianapolis


    Just in time for spring, a wondrous woddity in the form of this sexy sequoia red sunken tub — and there’s a twin — ready for a party! — spotted for sale on craigslist by reader Helen.  The sellers who recently purchased this 1973 love pad told us that the matching pair of sunken tubs were both in the master bathroom. […]

    Martin house estate sale — loaded with art and artifacts — this weekend


    If you happen to live near Los Angeles, this weekend offers a rare chance to take home a piece of history from the magical 1954 home of Albert P. and Gloria Martin. When we first wrote about this house, we were forewarned that an estate sale was pending. Now it’s here, and the folks at Hughes Estate […]

    1956 Dallas time capsule house with Jack ‘n Jill bathroom — just 1,500 s.f., but lives large — 28 photos


    This beautiful, well maintained, 1956 ranch home listed for sale in Dallas by retro realtor Ed Murchison won’t officially go on the market until next week — but Ed knows about our love for time capsule houses here and pitched us this story. The house looks like a real winner — so we went for it. […]

    Midcentury vs. mid-century vs. mid century

    how do you spell mid century

    Calling all grammarians and spelling bee champions: What is the correct spelling — or are there correct spellings: Is it: “Midcentury” … “mid-century” … or “mid century”? As in (1): “midcentury modern sofa”, “mid-century modest house” or “mid century American history”. And would it change as in: (2) “in midcentury/mid-century/mid century America”.

    Classy 1958 mid-century modern time capsule ranch house in Houston — 18 photos


    “A great example…Leave the period finishes … clean things up and update systems … and avoid the latest flavor-of-the-month cosmetic updates — then you can have a showstopper house with a lot of market appeal.” Set on a sizable lot, this mid-century ranch house — a little bit “modern”, a little bit “modest” was recently listed […]

    1958 Portland time capsule house with lots of memories — including a Steve Jobs story

    mid century modern house portland oregon

    To be sure: This is Portland, Oregon time capsule house living at its best! Alyssa Starelli, one of our favorite mid mod realtors, gave us a head start on showcasing this woodsy 1958 time capsule house, new to the market. Not only was this beautiful California post and beam house architect-designed, but it also was a […]

    12 reasons to own (and love) a mid-century home

    model house

    When I am interviewed for stories involving mid-century houses, reporters almost always ask, “Why do you and your readers love mid-century houses so much… What is the appeal?” In today’s sound-bite age, the pressure is on for a snappy answer. But for me, the reasons I have grown to love mid-century houses are multifaceted. Golly […]