• kitchen sinks and kitchen faucets

    Do you need a new kitchen sink or faucet with midcentury style? Here are all the kitchen sinks and faucets I've identified so far that may work for your vintage style kitchen remodel.

    metal rim kitchen sink

    Five designs of metal rimmed kitchen sinks — howdy, hudee!


    See all 29 colors for Thermocast acrylic kitchen, bathroom and utility...


    Dishmaster kitchen faucet — two vintage cover plate designs avai...

    farmhouse kitchen sink faucets

    Wall mount faucet for a kitchen sink from Strom Plumbing

    farmhouse drainboard sinks

    Check out our new Farmhouse Drainboard Sinks page


    Reproduction 1940s-1950s farmhouse drainboard sink now available ̵...


    5 ways to do stainless steel counter tops in your kitchen

    vintage kitchen sink

    12 rare vintage kitchen sinks spotted in 5 years of blogging


    Swivel sprayer attachment thingie for a kitchen faucet — aka: ae...

    vintage magic queen kitchen faucet

    Vintage Magic Queen kitchen faucet — a major new kitchen history...


    7 laundry sinks from Kohler — cast iron beauties

    farmhouse sink cast iron authentic reproduction 42"

    Farmhouse sinks — two sources for authentic early-1900s reproduc...

    getting a vintage sink reporcelained

    Real porcelain enamel coating to restore your drainboard sink, tub or ...


    8 vintage style Elkay drainboard sinks for a midcentury kitchen remode...

    2011 elkay stainless steel drainboard sink installed onto a vintage steel kitchen cabinet

    Joe replaces a vintage porcelain drainboard kitchen sink with a new El...

    where to get a metal sink rim

    Where to get a metal sink frame — in ANY size — sink clips...

    drainboard sink

    Vintage style drainboard sink – Clarion by Strom Plumbing

    metal ring for 1950s kitchen and bathroom sinks

    18 sizes of metal rims for kitchen and bathroom sinks — hudee ri...

    hudee ring kitchen sink

    Where to buy kitchen sinks with metal rims. Update: Kohler Bakersfield...

    eight wall mount kitchen faucets

    8 vintage style wall-mount kitchen faucets


    ReStore Habitat for Humanity locations in the U.S.


    Ikea kitchen sinks with retro style


    16 vintage Kohler kitchens — and an important kitchen sinks stil...


    Where to buy a wall mount kitchen faucet: The Delta 200

    youngstown metal kitchen sink

    Vintage style kitchen drainboard sinks

    1946 American brand kitchen

    A special faucet for vintage American Brand kitchen drainboard sinks &...


    Get Dishmasters at dishmaster-faucet.com

    hudee ring ad

    The mystery of the hootie ring – first clues uncovered

    queen for a day

    Dishmaster factory in Mitchell, Indiana – Mom & I take a ro...


    Dishmasters & the American dream kitchen


    The Dishmaster!

    Some pristine "Sun Tan" Crane fixtures currently at deabath.com - they have a new pink toilet, too!

    Can I save my hootie ring?


    Do drop-in, 50s cast iron sinks need clips?


    Retro kitchen sinks from Kohler – cast iron, metal framed –...


    Chrome sink legs and brackets for your wall mount sink – from d...


    Where can I find a wall-mount faucet for my vintage kitchen sink?


    Where to get the steel ring that “locks in” a vintage sink...

    1953 Elkay Lustertone sinks

    Stainless steel sink, counter, drainboard combo’s are classic 40...

    retro kitchen faucet

    Chicago Faucets retro kitchen sink faucet – the one I used


    Retro kitchen sinks: Great 50s style choices