Updating the second bathroom in a 1957 Alcoa Aluminum House

bathroom in alcoa aluminum house

It has been great fun to watch the continuing transformation of Steven and Michael’s 1957 Alcoa Aluminum House. So far, I have done four other stories on their home:

Now, the latest installment: Steven and Michael update the second bathroom in their house… the mid-century-meets-modern design includes a unique inlaid linoleum floor design and 6″ grey glass tiles on the wall.

design of a mid century bathroom

The inlaid floor is a “compass design”, which Steven said a friend helped with.

renovating a bathroom in an alcoa aluminum house

Steven details the other components in the bathroom:

The fixtures are similar to the ones that we used in the other bathroom remodel. Duravit sink and toilet, Kohler hardware in the bathtub/shower with thermostatic temperature control, restoration hardware lights on either side of the custom built(by us, haha) medicine cabinet. We decided to keep the existing tub because it was in very good shape and we liked the style of it very much.

bathroom ceiling in an alcoa aluminum house
The ceiling light grid is original and is the same as in the other bathroom. The walls are gray glass tile and the floor is linoleum with an inlay linoleum starburst. I have to say that is my favorite part of the renovation, I just never envisioned that it would turn out like it did.

gray glass tile bathroom

Well done, Steven and Michael — what’s next?

Check out all the photos of Steven and Michael’s house on Steven’s flickr site here.

    1. Steve says:

      The floor is made by Armstrong and it is a white and black. To the eye it does not look white but it was the lightest shade of white that was available.

  1. Morgan says:

    Would you please give details on the wall mount light fixtures to the sides of the medicine cabinet. Are they purchased and from where? I need to replace similar lighting units in my 1959 bathroom. Would like to keep the same slim lines and naked tube lighting, but get rid of the starters mine require and the chrome is rusting.

  2. ElizaJane says:

    That toilet is kind of freaking me out. But my practical side sez “that would sure be easy to mop under”.

    1. Steve says:

      Why is it freaking you out?? Lots of our friends question it’s stability……My standard reply is…..”If you think that you can knock down a wall than you shouldn’t sit on it :)” There is a large steel mounting unit that is behind the wall bolted onto 2*8 boards so it isn’t going anywhere!!!!

      1. ElizaJane says:

        “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the earth with a wall-mounted toilet….er, lever” — Archimedes

        Your wall-mounted toilet becomes a lever when you sit on it.

  3. The entire bathroom is a thing of beauty. But I have to admit that I am most attracted to the practical aspects of the wall-hung fixtures. They must take up less space and make cleaning much easier than traditional fixtures?

    I have seen those old tubs and yours really shines in the new surroundings, bravo!

    1. Steve says:

      The fixtures fit in with the care-free aspect of the house. Goodman designed the home in 1957 based on feedback from the 1956 Women’s Congress on Housing.

  4. effika says:

    Those glass wall tiles are killer. Such a good blend of old & new style.

    This bathroom is so sleek and handsome.

    Absolutely great inspiration. Thank you for sharing it with us!

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