Where to buy mid century style medicine cabinets made new today

Kate found this vintage mirror with “cosmetic” box at her ReStore or on craigslist (I forget). But, these cosmetic boxes are still made today, too.

Where to find mid century style medicine cabinets made new today?  Over time, we’ve heard from more readers with tips, and some old suppliers exited the scene. So, here’s a new wrap-up story, identifying known suppliers of the various vintage styles. Note, this story focuses on true-vintage styles — fo example, recessed medicine cabinets with the mirror trimmed in metal, and wall mirrors with so-called sliding-door “cosmetic boxes” positioned below (available both recessed or wall hanging to make a little shelf). I notice that when searching mid century medicine cabinets online, I see many designs that I would call “contemporary” eg today’s modern style, not really replicating mid century modern or -modest styles that we had back in the day. I watch for styles that look true vintage, like they were built with the house. Fortunately, there are some willing manufacturers still making them! 

Where to buy mid century style medicine cabinets made new today:

vintage green and pink bathroom
Jane is the reader who tipped us to Ketcham medicine cabinets — she used this metal-edged beauty in her beautiful new bathroom. 

All the cabinets above are available from a variety of retailers. Over on Amazon, I see that cosmetic boxes are made by Jensen (owned by Rangaire and another company, ProPlus. << affiliate links, I earn a commission if you click and buy anything after clicking.

There could also be other brands with such designs, but Ketchand and Rangeaire/Jensen seem to be major makers to at least check out first.

Tip: It can be worthwhile to see a sample of your medicine cabinet “in the flesh” before you buy — in order to assure it meets your quality expectations. There could be differences in quality, from model to model.

Medicine cabinets with light bars:

Both Rangeaire/Jensen and Ketchem offer some styles of medicine cabinets with integrated light bars. There were a variety of styles made back in the day — and still today. 

For example, I found this Jensen model online that includes a stainless steel framed mirror with light bars to the right and left: 

Hunt for vintage medicine cabinets:

vintage medicine cabinet in my office
I put a vintage medicine cabinet — notice the metal edging, lovely shape, and etched flowers — that I found at an estate sale in my home office/craft room, for storage … and beauty!

You can also hunt vintage. My local ReStore Habitat for Humanity always seems to have a good variety of salvaged medicine cabinets. You can also watch the usual sources like craigslist, facebook marketplace, local salvage places and vintage stores — even neighbors who are doing remodels. Please be aware, there may be hazards in old products — for example, the glass in old mirrors may not be up to current safety standards, and there could be lead paint, etc. — so get with your own pro to assess what you are dealing with so you can make informed decisions. Renovate Safe 🙂 

1950s medicine cabinets from miama carey
Want to see lots of medicine cabinets made back in the day? Check out this story showing Miami Carey medicine cabinets from the 1950s — what an amazing selection!

Readers, I’d love to hear if you any more tips on where to find vintage and mid century style medicine cabinets made new today — thank you!

  1. JustanotherPam says:

    Aside from the fan over our stove I’ve never seen Miami Carey mentioned anywhere before so, exciting. Guess I should see if there’s any note of them on the 5 medicine chests they put in this house. They really! liked medicine chests. Thanks, Pam

  2. Gila Jones says:

    I found one of these cabinets on the street in Los Angeles!! Picked it up two years ago for a future renovation – and the future is now here. Having the sliding doors on the cosmetic box replaced and excited to see the whole thing incorporated into the final project.

  3. michelleology says:

    I remember the medicine cabinet in my house growing up had a small slot in the back of it for disposing of used razor blades. I wonder where they all ended up.

    1. JustanotherPam says:

      In a reno we did once they were a big mess o’ danger in the form of rusty blades behind the wall between two studs. It’s such an odd thing that every time I look in any of our medicine chest my eyes linger there thinking…really? Not enough to even consider taking down walls that don’t need it but it’s seriously creepy.

    2. TinaD says:

      The medicine cabinet in our ‘53 ranch has the razor slot, and it got used. We had to take the cabinet out to fix the plaster around it and there was 60 years’ worth of razor blades, DNA and dead insects in the cavity. I got over being horrified, but it took a couple of days.

  4. Christine Smith says:

    Just wanted to let you know of another source for the cosmetic boxes – I recently bumped into them online of all places at The Home Depot. Nutone has a line, I am going to purchase the Nutone V48 Commodore, stainless steel and glass. Easy return if I don’t care for it, but the pictures look terrific!

    1. Pam Kueber says:

      Thanks for the tip, Christine. I had thought Nutone was out of the business. When I get a moment I will find the link and add them — thank you!

  5. Bernice Wiles says:

    I thought I was ahead of the game sending my parents a wreath from afar and my sister and her family put the tree up for our parents . I was so excited for my Mom …Till the next day . She fell and fractured her vertebrae and now won’t be coming home for Christmas. We aren’t allowed the live wreath at the rehab place . BUT, hoping to win the wreath you made ( it would certainly cheer up my mother ) One can only hope . Right ?

  6. Tim McDaniel says:

    We are likely looking for pink/coral 5″ tiles for our bathroom. We have not decided on the total area for which we need tiles, we would like to have a single 5″ ceramic tile in pink/coral to decide if it is a match with the motif of the room. We will likely need a course of trim tiles as well. May we buy a single pink/coral tile to use for evaluation? Thanks

  7. Stephanie in MD says:

    Thank you Pam, perfect timing! Working on a bathroom un-remuddle for master and basement baths. Found the (long story) American Standard matching regency blue and Persian brown toilets and sinks that were swapped out in the ’90s with white low-flow. The blue was donated by the neighbor across the street, which she had stored in her garage for 25 years. Will be a fun winter project. Now to find sink legs for the Persian brown and narrow down floor tile choices for that bath also…

  8. Jessie says:

    You never hear about recessed, “hidden” toothbrush holders. I have one – came with my MCM apartment. It spins around to hide toothbrushes and toothpaste away.

  9. Brandi says:

    I bought a ’57 ranch in my hometown and I’m slowly (even slower now thanks to Hurricane Michael) and I have a half bath that’s on my list. My uncle moved into my great-grandmother’s home after she passed years ago and started doing renovations but wasn’t trying to keep the look. When he found out I was trying to keep my house as close to original as I could, he called and told me that when renovated the bathroom, he couldn’t bring himself to get rid of the medicine cabinet she’d had in her bathroom and asked if I wanted it! The bathroom work is on hold, but I have my Nana’s medicine chest ready to go up 🙂

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