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  1. Ashley says

    I just bought a new house and I am having the hardest time remodeling the kitchen. It was a one owner home and the kitchen is straight out of the 40’s. It is fully a montgomery ward kitchen but the problem is the sink and cabinets under the sink are a bright garden yellow color while everything else is either a mist green or bright white. I have the walls primed right now but i’m having a hard time picking out the other colors for the walls and trim so it doesn’t clash with the sink. But I want to keep everything because it is such good shape. I need some help!!!

  2. MStark says

    Ashley, why not go with black and yellow? If you’re wanting a more contemporary re-do, the black and white florals and geometric prints are very popular right now and thought not totaly period it could work. What parts are mist green?

    • pam kueber says

      Jeremy, these sinks are in great demand. Key sources are: craigslist, Re-Store/Habitat for Humanity, salvage places like or, and you can also watch our Forum here, as eagle-eyed readers often spot them on craigslist around the nation and post them. Here are some posts that I have done on vintage porcelain drainboard kitchen sinks.

  3. kianoosh says

    I have 15 sqms kitchen in white. cabinets are in white with cinamon edges. Walls are in white with very light vilollet and pink shades. what do you offer for the curtains?

  4. mj peters says

    I am looking to find a price guide for a 1940s Tracy Sink and cabinet unit. It was just removed from our apartment unit and we have the option to sell it. What do you suggest?

  5. Judy H says

    Here in rural central Missouri I have been fortunate enough to find several chrome tables but the chairs are almost impossible to find.I have quite a collection of tables and my family is starting to think i have gone a little nutty!!! Yesterday I found the complete set with 4 handleback chairs sturdy but the coverings in bad reapir. I have been searching the net looking for replacements for the handleback chrome chairs. All I can find are the plain straight back chair replacements.. i could use someone’s advice as to where to look..

  6. says

    I love the 4th image – not just the colors and the fantastic red cracked ice countertop with metal edging, but I absolutely adore that funky border along the top. Singing vegetables! Can anything make a kitchen seem more cheery? Love it!

  7. Sherrie says

    I bought a 1940s red and white enamel table and it needs new Chrome legs.I don’t think there hairpin legs. There more u shaped at the bottom of the leg. Any suggestions where I might find these chrome legs for my table.
    Thank you for your time and help.

  8. says

    We have a 40s house, and I’ve spotted a 40s sink at a local re-use store that looks a lot like the ones in the ads you’ve shown.
    Does anyone know if a disposal could be installed in one, though? I do like my disposal!

  9. Debbie Altman says

    need to know how they instulled cabinets in the 1940’s our house was built in 1940n and the cabinets need to come down but are hard to get down.

  10. Yodi says

    I saw this in several 2 family homes I lived in NY…. the homes were probably built in the 40s and there was always a kitchen drawer, usually a deep one, which was encased in aluminum or metal and a slide on and off top…. what was the purpose of such drawers?

    • Shari Davenport says

      Yodi – Those drawers were for storing cake and bread, in the days before bread boxes taking up space ON the counter tops. I was always a little leery of those though – I can’t imagine how fresh they actually kept the bread, much less sugar-laden cakes, and I never could figure out how they kept out the critters that love bread and cakes more than we do? Anyway – that’s what they were always advertised for.

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