1. Sherrie says

    I bought a 1940s red and white enamel table and it needs new Chrome legs.I don’t think there hairpin legs. There more u shaped at the bottom of the leg. Any suggestions where I might find these chrome legs for my table.
    Thank you for your time and help.

  2. says

    We have a 40s house, and I’ve spotted a 40s sink at a local re-use store that looks a lot like the ones in the ads you’ve shown.
    Does anyone know if a disposal could be installed in one, though? I do like my disposal!

  3. Debbie Altman says

    need to know how they instulled cabinets in the 1940’s our house was built in 1940n and the cabinets need to come down but are hard to get down.

  4. Yodi says

    I saw this in several 2 family homes I lived in NY…. the homes were probably built in the 40s and there was always a kitchen drawer, usually a deep one, which was encased in aluminum or metal and a slide on and off top…. what was the purpose of such drawers?

    • Shari Davenport says

      Yodi – Those drawers were for storing cake and bread, in the days before bread boxes taking up space ON the counter tops. I was always a little leery of those though – I can’t imagine how fresh they actually kept the bread, much less sugar-laden cakes, and I never could figure out how they kept out the critters that love bread and cakes more than we do? Anyway – that’s what they were always advertised for.

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