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  1. Mary Melmac says

    I am in awe of this site…have been for quite some time. Thank you, and what a great slide show! 😉

    • pam kueber says

      Thank you, Mary, that’s nice of you to say! Makes my day for sure. It’s been a long week!

  2. Roni Dee ward says

    Great slide show. My kitchen cabinets look just like a number of these. Wish I could find some more to line the other wall….

  3. vintage_vantage says

    Hey Pam! I have scanned your site for information regarding fireplaces. I just had a vent-free gas fireplace installed and I painted it white to match the rest of my woodwork. From the pictures I have found, either they didn’t have mantels or didn’t put much on them. Am I correct in my observations? I want to keep my home as period as possible. So, what’s period? 🙂

        • Todd Allen says

          My home is a 1950 ranch and both fireplaces never had mantels. My parents home that was built the same year had mantels but was a colonial. I think the “modern” ranch of the day usually did not have them.

  4. says

    We recently purchased a 1950’s ranch and I’m loving your site for ideas for my pink tile kitchen and mint bath! Any chance on being able to get some of your images in high resolution? If so how? Thanks for the ideas!!

    • pam kueber says

      Sorry, Michelle, I am super busy with the blog. Not in a mode to provide hi res images… If you save them to your computer, though, they often are larger than shows on your screen…. Welcome — and good luck!

  5. emats says

    I rent a wonderful house that has a 1961 yellow stainless steel GE Kitchen. The dishwasher is no longer original, but the floor, wallpaper, formica, sink (white), cabinets, and stove top all are. THE PROBLEM is that the control box on the stove is pooped out (we’re down to one little burner) and the owner is getting ready to replace the entire stove top with a new GE one. Anyone have any thoughts on where I can find that part so we can just replace the little box with buttons and keep the fabulous yellow? The landlord is open to a retro-feel repair, but I think if I did the legwork I could somehow avoid white replacements!
    THANKS ANYONE for thoughts!

  6. Louise says

    I’m getting a 1950’s Western Holly Stove! It will be delivered on Saturday! This is the same stove I grew up with and my first baked item will be bread! We are adding another stove to the garage, which by the way houses 9 restored gas pumps and a 1952 GMC pickup. I’m trying to do the stove area like the 1950’s…any ideas? I know I want a clock and a phone there, I’ve seen some at antique stores. I’ve looked through numerous photos and from what I can see, there doesn’t look like much hung on the kitchen walls in the 50’s…I would appreciate any suggestions.

    • pam kueber says

      Wow – congratulations! Send me some kitchen pics, maybe I can do a story, I’ll take a look… retrorenovation [at] gmail [dot] com

      • Louise says

        Hi Pam,
        Finally got my Western Holly stove today! Will post pictures early next week for you! It is a beauty, better than I remember!

  7. Menashe M. says

    I have an original GE 1950’s kitchen in my house and I was wondering if there is anyone in the market to buy the single unit set containing: cabinets, sink,dishwasher, oven, stovetop, cutting board, all with stainless steel counter tops and stainless steel hood. If you know of any collectors or people who are remodeling their own kitchens please let them know.


  8. says

    I have a pink 1950’s St Charles kitchen and wish to update it to an aqua blue with glass countertops. Wonderful, post with great ideas – love to see the 1950’s.

    Surprisingly, I LOVE the metal cabinets – they clean easily, hold everything and fit well in our vintage home. The stove/oven work great and except for the outdated countertops and backsplash and the builder’s grade modern fridge, I love this kitchen and wish to rehab it and update it.

  9. nachristopher says

    I have a 1940 or 1950 Caloric Wall Oven and Counter top stove. I am getting my kitchen remodeled and looking to sell it very quickly. Any ideas?

  10. says

    I havea “Universal” gas range my parent purchased in 1952. I desperately need the range burner pans for this specific range.
    I am not finding much information on “universal” could they have been made by another company?

  11. Carolyn M says

    My house has the pebblestone floor! Unfortunately the genius who owned it before us laid new subfloor over it and poorly installed generic 12″ ceramic tile. Only 4″ of the floor shows at the threshold. So sad.

  12. Brian says

    Looking for picture/sample/catalog image of Armstrong “Royelle Gray” linoleum from 1953-1954. If you have anything you would make my day!


  13. Lynne says

    Hi all,
    I live in lower CT and am not the handiest of people. I have an intact 1952 Youngstown kitchen that could use facelifting. My main worry is the sink-Mullins Electric Sink combo. The dishwasher isn’t operational, which is fine by me. Does anyone have experience with removing the old unit and replacing with the “sink-only” Youngstown drainboard unit? The width is about 54″. OR could a countertop be fitted over the dishwasher somehow?
    Another thing I could really use is a recommendation of a contractor who wouldn’t roll his/her eyes at the prospect of facelifting this kitchen vs. gutting it. Thank you.

  14. Peter Crisitello says

    I actually have that 1950’s Crosley Kitchen in White with maroon counter tops (your picture has the green counter tops). It covers 3 walls of a 10′ x 10′ kitchen both upper and lower cabinets with sink, electric stove, and refrigerator. I have two of the lower corner units with the carousal round shelves. it used to be setup in my business break room but now is stacked out in the garage behind my cars.

  15. Zeanna says

    I’m trying to find written descriptions of vintage 1950s kitchen decor for ideas as I’m blind and pictures don’t help 😛

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