Brini Maxwell shows us her vintage Sunbeam Automatic Control Panel


Go Brini, well thank you very much, pritty lady, for the RR shout-out in your video about your vintage Sunbeam appliance center. Yes, formally known at the Sunbeam Automatic Control Panel. And yes, one of my favorite all-time wonderful oddities or “woddities.

pam kueber's new old stock sunbeam automatic control panel I also have one of these units and Brini, you inspired me to take some photos of my New Old Stock before — ta da! — I installed it (just yesterday!) as part of my office studio remodel currently under way and officially killing me.

pams sunbeam automatic control panelHere’s are just two of my photos — I’ll show the entire artsy fartsy photo shoot later. How fun, Brini, that we are doing these installations concurrently. Peas in a pod, err, appliance centers in the wall. Maybe we can do our big reveals at the same time?

Read more about my continuing coverage of vintage appliance centers:

Keep on the lookout, dear readers, if there are more designs, we want — need — to see them! xoxo

  1. JKaye says:

    Love Brini’s Elizabeth Montgomery-style hairdo in this video. But, her nails! Horrors. She should have put on some crisp white gloves. How fab of Brini to mention you.

  2. JAson says:

    Hello…I have an NOS Westinghouse Appliance center. Came with paperwork,warranty and install instructions. The plugs are the three wire grounded type and each has a circuit braker on the panel. There is a timer, as well, but seems to run on spring power.

    Am not sure if this thing can be wired to code. I would have to remove one of my kitchen wall outlets and then cut open a rectangular hole to
    mount the box to run the cable through. There are three connecting points….Black, Red and White. The back side of the plugs have a green ground wire, but do not know how they are connected. Maybe to the box?

    My kitchen is a galley style and wall space for this item is at a premium. Not to mention of exactly WHERE to mount it, as the box is designed to mount between two studs.

    If I ever get it installed, I’ll write about it. WIll have to hire an electrician, though.

    1. oldgun31 says:

      my sunbeam is the same .i cant get it to work with the green ground but if i take a extra wire and go red and black to black in the wall and keep white on white in the wall. i can get the outlet to work, but that’s it . the outlets are for 110 so if i put a 220 wire to it i’m not sure it would ever work again .

      1. pam kueber says:

        yikes, i don’t like seeing electrical advice on the blog: you know what’s coming: please consult with a properly licensed professional. That’s who I had install mine!

        1. jason says:

          Pam….did your installer say anythiong about the appliance center being out of code? That is the only thing I worry about.

          1. pam kueber says:

            They let me do it. But I give no advice: Check your own electrical inspector…Note, mine is only there mostly for the pretty… and I only plan on using the light occasionally … But again, me no give advice – consult on your own product and situation with a properly licensed professional.

    2. pam kueber says:

      yikes, i don’t like seeing electrical advice on the blog: you know what’s coming: please consult with a properly licensed professional. That’s who I had install mine!

  3. Brini says:

    Thanks for mentioning me in the post, Pam! I’m eager to hear all about how your install went. Mine is still a ways off from gracing my kitchen – demo, floor and electrical upgrade come first.

    1. Jeff says:

      Love your video, Brini, very informative! I learn so much when you’re online- AND you do it with great style! Been looking for one of these appliance centers for some time now, did find a new old stock 50’s disposal in it’s original box, and a Dishmaster faucet for my 50’s kitchen, but always looking for more goodies- I do have fabu 50’s turquoise appliances though….

  4. Selena says:

    The video was a little creepy… in a good way. LOL. I’m going to have to check out more of her videos!

    I wish I had one of these! We’re frequently having to go out to the panel to reset the breaker when one of us forgets that the dishwasher is running and tries to use the micro. It’s fine when the weather is nice, but not so when it’s rainy/cold/snowy! And I live near Seattle so that’s pretty much 1/3 of the year. 🙂

  5. lexavline says:

    I love Brini and Pam, it’s fun when the two are together in the same blog! It’s like when Samantha Stevens went to Bedrock or like when Mary and friends went to Rhoda’s wedding; crossover!:-)
    BTW, very excited about Brini’s kitchen remodel, can’t wait!

  6. oldgun31 says:

    i have the one with a clock .it looks like its 110 not 220. i couldn’t read it clearly on the pages Pam had up to do an install . i have a red,black and a white wire . if i do 110 i have a black and a white with a green ground . how do i wire it? i did a jump line to black and red and got power to the outlets but the light and clock don’t go on.

  7. Marcheline says:

    I adore Brini Maxwell – kudos on your mention! This is a super-cool gadget, too… wonder if it would work in my retro kitchen? Hmmm…. off to scavenge!

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